People know I love to eat at Friday's so I've been getting asked what's happening to the restaurant on Frederica St. Are they closing? Is a new restaurant coming? Is there a remodel underway? Barb has the answers!

It was actually in March that my niece, Shelby, sent me a story about how some T.G.I. Friday's across the country would be undergoing transformations. Since nothing was happening at our Owensboro location I thought maybe it was just in bigger cities like New York or Chicago. Nope. It's finally happening here! The company that owns the Owensboro location also owns 20 other locations and chose ours to remodel first. It's getting a more contemporary look inside and out. The bar will be lit from underneath and my hope is that there will be more bar seating as that's where we like to gather on a Friday night! Already inside it's much more open and there will be new booths and tables. A complete transformation is in store and set to be completed by November 10th. So far construction is on schedule and they are open during the renovations. I can't wait to see it all finished!

In this commercial you get a small glimpse that it's for sure more contemporary and open!