Saturday morning, I was broadcasting from the annual Jr. League Rummage Sale at the Owensboro Sportscenter.  And, naturally, while I was there I decided to do a little shopping.  While I was looking through the rack of sport coats, one in particular caught my eye.  Why?  Because it used to be mine!  LOOK!

And it still fits me like a glove (or jacket)!

Here's the deal-  I used to own this blazer and I am pretty sure I sold it at a yard sale or donated it to Goodwill about ten years ago.  It appears that somehow, over the course of the last decade, the coat missed me terribly and embarked on an incredibly journey to find its way back to me.  I mean, you often hear remarkable stories about lost pets who find their way home after years and years.  Apparently, this sport coat did the same thing because, right now, it's hanging in my closet downstairs.  Yep!  I bought it . . . again.  I re-gifted myself.