I have an abnormally large head.  It's not something I am happy with, but it's something I have learned to cope with over the course of my lifetime.  In fact, my head is so large . . . I basically learned to walk like a baby duckling does.  LOL!  In fact, I still have to concentrated when I stand up to keep my bobble head from wobbling. And, because my head is so large, there's something . . . well . . . there's something that I just can't do.

Stupid (but powerful) confession time.  I cannot wear hats.  That said, I would LOVE to be able to put on a baseball cap and look like a normal, cap-wearing human being.  I would love to put on a cowboy hat and pull off the rodeo look.  I would love to slid on a sock cap and not have my head look like a busted water balloon.  I would even love to wear a raspberry beret, the kind you find in the second hand store.  But, it's just not in the cards.

And people think that I am making it up when I tell them how embarrassing, yet hilarious, trying on hats can be.  So, two weekends ago, at the North 40 Truck Stop, I wandered into the North 40 Corral and started trying on hats with Jaclyn (and our sales manager Traci, who rudely laughed at and mocked my pain from behind the camera!).  It was mortifying!