I have a hobby that is a proven eyebrow-raiser. I know this because I've seen it happen. But when you're the son of a funeral director and licensed undertaker, taking photos of tombstones of famous people shouldn't come as a surprise.

But, yeah, for most people, it's probably weird.

In Kentucky, I have visited cemeteries in Louisville, Paducah, Bowling Green, Rosine, and of course Owensboro.

And here's what I've learned.

There are a lot of famous people buried here.

For example, legendary UK coach Adolph Rupp and actor Jim Varney (of Ernest and Toy Story fame) are interred in Lexington.

Bowling Green is the final resting place for iconic baker and brand name Duncan Hines.

Here in Owensboro, there's Senator Wendell Ford over in Elmwood.

Up in Maysville, Kentucky, you'll find the headstone of legendary jazz and pop vocalist Rosemary Clooney.

And just down the road, bluegrass legend Bill Monroe is buried in Rosine:

Dave Spencer



In Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery, the immortal KFC icon Colonel Harland Sanders is laid to rest:

Dave Spencer


And in Paducah, former Tennessee teacher John T. Scopes is buried. Now, Scopes is the man who, back in the 1920s, was arrested and put on trial for teaching Charles Darwin's The Theory of Evolution. It was dubbed "The Monkey Trial" and was the basis for the legendary play and movie (which starred Spencer Tracy) Inherit the Wind.

Dave Spencer


And, of course, the beautiful Frankfort Cemetery is loaded with former governors and politicians, not to mention Daniel Boone.

It's a fun and interesting hobby and I'm always looking for the next cemetery to visit.

(By the way, while this blog is about Kentucky, I have to mention Nashville, which is a GOLD MINE, as you can imagine.)