I see posts on Facebook all the time telling women that we need to love ourselves more, take more time for ourselves, complement ourselves.  Unfortunately, what I don’t see is women feeling any better about their lives after doing these things.  Sure, thirty minutes in the tub might feel good at the time, but there are still piles or laundry, rowdy kids, and that disagreement with your husband waiting to pounce on you from behind the bathroom door.

I think we’ve got this whole “love yourself” thing backwards which is why it doesn’t work.  Of course we love ourselves!  We are terribly self-serving; this is why we are miserable.  The Bible is very clear that loving ourselves (aka: pride) is the root of our sadness.  Loving God is what brings peace.

“Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.” Proverbs 29:23 (NIV)

So, how about from now on we practice these exercises every day.

  • Give glory to God for 3 things that your body can do.
  • Praise God for 3 good things happening in your world right now.
  • Acknowledge to God that none of those good things come from your hands.
  • Plead with God to change your perspective about something in your life that hurts today. (Notice I didn’t say plead with God to fix your problem.)
  • Compliment your husband first thing in the morning, remind him that you love him, and ask him how you can make his day easier today.
  • Hug your children and tell them how blessed you feel because of them.  Pray with them about any anxieties they might have for the day.
  • Smile at those you meet.
  • Be quick to be kind.
  • Listen before you react.
  • Ask your friends about the blessings taking place in their lives, and share your own remembering to give credit to God.  If the conversation turns to complaints, offer a gentle positive perspective rather than joining in on the misery.

Ladies, (and gentlemen) these are some of the actions that will permanently make you feel empowered, feel loved, and feel refreshed.  We must stop focusing on ourselves!  Shift the focus to God’s Will and to others and there will be no need for you to carve “me time” into your day.