Let’s admit it—coming up with a different password for each account and then remembering which password goes with which account is so inconvenient, we tend to take shortcuts. Your BBB® wishes to share the 25 worst passwords of 2015 and tips on how to create passwords that are more secure.

The list of 25 worst passwords of 2015 comes from SplashData, a password management company. They created the list by counting the more common passwords out of over 2 million that were leaked last year. Not surprisingly, the two most common passwords leaked were “123456” (number one) and “password” (number 2). These two passwords have been number one and two since 2011. In addition, nine of the top 10 passwords from 2014 made the top 10 list for 2015.

Some new passwords on the 25 worst list include “welcome,” “1234567890,” and Star Wars-related “princess,” “solo,” and “starwars.”

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