This past month, I was invited to a very special Evansville Ad Club luncheon. During our meal, we were shown the new fall lineups from ALL local TV stations. At first, I sat and just enjoyed but some of them looked so good, I had to start writing them down or else I'd forget to DVR them!

First up, This is Us on NBC looks incredible. I think it will have a vibe much like Parenthood - drama mixed in with real-life comedy. YOU KNOW YOU CRIED WHEN ZEEK DIED! But, instead of following a family, it follows several people who share the same birthday. Each character is battling with a different issue such as death of a child, meeting a biological parent for the first time, and extreme weight loss. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be the unicorn of the pack.

(Warning: the trailer does show a bit of a man's backside. )

To go in a completely different direction, the new time traveling thriller Timeless could be awesome or a real stink bomb. It's kind of like Titanic meets 24. Or, a revamped version of Quantum Leap (which was one of my all-time faves). A team travels back in time to stop world-altering events. I prefer more history to thrills and action but I'm sure I'm in the minority. The one sentence description says, "They are time-traveling to the past to save America's future." Let's hope they do something about this election. Am I right? Eh...

Oh, and ABC has a show that almost EXACTLY the same premise called Time After Time. There's also another one over at the CW about a group of rag-tag superheros who fight crime in years past to save the future in the Legends of Tomorrow. Sound familiar? So, yeah, Quantum Leap, party of one, right here.

Speaking of time travel, the new show on the CW, Frequency, looks AWESOME. But, it's just like the movie. So, if you can't remember the plot - don't watch it! Just stay on the edge of your seat every week because this could be a quality show.

Now, let's talk about one that I'm really only excited about because of one of the lead actors. Yes, I was a CSI fan. Yes, I love Nick Stokes. Yes, I was devastated when the show was cancelled. Yes, I thought the finale sucked. But, I'm terribly excited to see him play in the new MacGyver. The new show doesn't look terribly impressive or new and refreshing but I have a feeling that the nostalgia factor (and George Eads) will carry it along just fine..

Another show I was kind of interested in, because I fall into the category of "I'm quite fond of crime dramas," was Bull. It's about a consultant who helps pick out jury members. Apparently, selecting just the right jury members is a very real thing and this is an interesting look into the criminal justice system and human psychology.

Enough about crime and courtrooms and action. Let's move on to medical dramas. I used to be a Grey's Anatomy fan but let's be real, that show should NOT be on the air. That's all I'll say about that. Meredith Grey has died how many times? #srsly So, onto the new! Pure Genius is about a billionaire who creates a new hospital with no government intervention and invites world-class docs to practice uninhibited medicine. Sounds great, right? Not Lord of the Flies at all! But, is the whole thing for the billionaire? DUM DUM Dummmm...

So, the next thing we need to discuss is that networks (I'm lookin' at you ABC) should NOT make you watch an ad for something unrelated to watch their new fall show's trailer. HELLO, Marketing 101!

Luckily, ABC is premiering a show that might be right up my alley. American Housewife is all about a totally normal mom trying to fit in with the gaggle of perfect green-smoothie, tight butted housewives in the Connecticut town her family recently moved to. I'm really looking forward to this one because just the other day I was in a local library with my daughter and overheard a couple of moms chattering. Their conversation topics ranged from a debate about which is better: trampoline cardio or jazzercise, their morning Starbucks routine, and concluded with a 15 minute conversation about the injustice of preschool pickup. #getalife #gag #sorrynotsorryifitsyou

Now we come to the premiere that I am MOST excited about. Speechless throws sasshole Minnie Driver (term of endearment) into laughter through tears, my favorite emotion. A very outspoken mom who cares for her kids - one of which is non-verbal special needs - has moved her family to a new town and a new school. She not only advocates but ferociously fights for her son to get the care he needs while striving for him to have a normal life. It's like they basically followed around my BFF, Katie O'bryan. Yep, this is gonna be it for me.

One of the most original series of the bunch is Imaginary Mary. From Dharma and Greg (yes, yes, yes) to a single woman who sees (and hears) her childhood imaginary friend, while coming to terms that she is dating a man who has three children, I think this might be a winner. My only concern is that it sounds like it might be more movie material than TV series material. How long can this go on without being annoying?

When we move over to FOX, we find something kind of unexpected. I'm really hoping that the new show Pitch delivers because whoever did this cinematography and editing for the trailer left me wanting more. The show is about a female baseball player who makes it to the big leagues because of a 'secret weapon pitch' her dad taught her. Obviously, this isn't without challenge. It could be a game-changer; pardon my pun.

Another strong contender on Fox will be The Exorcist. Based on the 1974 film, legend Geena Davis dazzles on the small screen as the pious mother who fights to save her daughter from demonic possession. My only concern is, how do you get a second, third, fourth season out of this? I need closure, ya know? Is this poor girl forever haunted by demons? I think American Horror Story did it right - every season is a new story.