There are just some things that all Owensboroans know. And maybe I should add "if they've been here long enough."

But I think the following list is fairly representative of the topic at hand:


1. Arguments Will Ensue Over Who Has the Best Barbecue


For every fan of Moonlite, there will be someone who chimes in about Old Hickory. And vice versa. It will be like forever and ever, amen.

2. The Blue Bridge Is Never Referred To by Its Real Name


It is the Glover Cary Bridge. I have NEVER heard anyone call it that casually. And I've been here a very long time. There was a brief period of time a long time ago when the bridge was actually ORANGE! Remember that? At that time, it was just called "the bridge." Sorry, Mr. Cary.

3. It Has a Name and It Has Numbers, But It's the BYPASS

Google Maps

It is the Wendell Ford Expressway. It is U.S. Highway 231. It is also U.S. Highway 60. But nobody in Owensboro says, "Can you believe the traffic on the Wendell Ford Expressway or Highway 231 or Highway 60?" Nope, it's the bypass.

4. Owensboro's "Skyline" Consists of Two, Maybe Three Buildings

Dave Spencer

When I was a kid, I loved skylines. When we'd go on vacation, I'd stare out the window when we'd drive through big cities. I still like them. So when Owensboro got the Roosevelt House to go along with Gabe's Tower, yeah, it didn't compare to, say, Louisville or Nashville, but it was SOMETHING. And now there's Independence Bank, which is making its skyline mark.

5. It's Perfectly Alright to Drop the Second "R" When Pronouncing Frederica

Dave Spencer

And we're back to my childhood, when everyone I knew casually pronounced "Frederica" without that second "R." It came out "Fredicka." Some people still do. Mind you, "Fred-Rick-A" is still correct. But we don't care, right?

6. You Can Be in ROCKPORT and Still Hear That Train Horn

Jennifer Dodge/Thinkstock

I live about 14 blocks from he railroad tracks, but that hardly matters. The horn from any given passing train could just as easily be coming from right outside my window. It's perfectly audible from as far away as Rockport, for crying out loud.

7. If They Build It, People Will Highway 54...Because That's Where It'll Be

Dave Spencer

This list item is a given. I keep thinking they'll run out of room out on 54. Are they actually moving buildings around to maximize space. Of course I'm kidding, but it does seem like until every last square inch is occupied, something new will go up on 54.

8. New Hartford Road Will ALWAYS Be Highway 231...Even If Rand McNally Says Different

Dave Spencer

How many times do you still refer to New Hartford Road as 231? I do. It's just easy when it comes to giving someone directions...IF they live here. Actually, I've NEVER called it New Hartford Road, casually.

9. Kuesters Was Such a Great Hardware Store That the Sign's Still There

Dave Spencer

"Only Santa Has More Toys Than Kuester's." Remember that ad slogan? Me too. Remember shopping in Kuester's? Me too. Remember when it closed? Me too. It's been well over a decade. WELL over. And it looks just as open now as it did then...when it WAS open.

10. No Left Turns Into the Big Dipper (But We've Covered This Before)

Dave Spencer

It was just the other day during a busy part of the day when I drove down Parrish Avenue and saw four cars waiting to turn left into the Big Dipper. Sigh...It really is easier to just drive down the road a bit and turn around and make a right turn into the Dipper. And, yes, this WILL be on the test.