For the last seven seasons, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been virtually unmatched. Now, it appears as if that run has come to an end.

A while back, a British comedian by the name of Tom Wrigglesworth took the internet by storm with his striking resemblance to the Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Over the summer, Wrigglesworth made it his mission to personally meet Rodgers, and to say he was successful would be an understatement.

Decked out in Packers garb, Wrigglesworth took to the streets, businesses and even the Packers locker room, fooling fans and players along the way. Rodgers finally shows up (around the 7:12 mark) to share some pointers on how to throw a football and the correct technique for his famous 'Championship Belt' celebration (better known as 'Discount Double Check'). Rodgers even gets in on the fun, introducing teammates to his "4th cousin from his mother's side".

As uncanny as the similarities are, they screech to a halt at looks. Wrigglesworth won't be getting near the field anytime soon with those horrible mechanics. So rest easy, Packers fans. Your team's fate still lies in the perfectly capable hands of the real Aaron Rodgers.

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