How is Chris Arnold, Owensboro's Biggest Sports Fan, doing with no sports? It's turned into March Madness in the Birgy Arnold home, and even the dogs aren't safe!

Barb Birgy

Okay, that may be a little dramatic, but it really looked different over the weekend. Lucy still hung out with Daddy on the couch, but that's the only thing that looks the same. Normally, we would be watching the NCAA Tournament. This year, it's Juggling Dodgeball, Brat Eating World Championship, Stupid Robot Fighting League and the Death Diving World Championship. Say what? Whenever I walk in to his man cave, I'm like, what the heck is this! I think he has finally lost his mind.

As he does every year, Chris took off Thursday and Friday for the first rounds of the NCAA Tournament. He usually has four televisions on, to watch all of the basketball games, and is in his happy place with some appetizers. This year, he's cranky and has lost his sports spark. I can't wait to see what he'll be watching tonight. It can't be any crazier than Death Diving!

My sweet CoCo Chanel wanted none of it! She thinks Daddy has officially went over the edge. Mommy agrees with you.

Barb Birgy

What are you watching without your favorite sports programming?

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