Choosing Joy

Noticing God [Choosing Joy]
The past few weeks I have not felt inspired to write.  It seems that all of my time is devoted to nursing and rocking with short breaks in between to pick up the messes made by my older children while I am nursing and rocking.  I must admit that lately I have let my joy be clouded by what …
I Need Thee [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
The sun is setting on another beautiful spring day.  The bright colors and bird songs are fading outside, while inside we are transitioning to bedtime, pj’s and clean teeth, one more story book and “thank you God for Grandma.”
For even a third-time-new…
Fill in the Blanks [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
The Bible is full of stories, amazing stories of God working out His plan through the lives of ordinary people.  This collection of stories concluded nearly 2000 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that God stopped working out His plan through the lives of ordinary people...
In a Couple of Weeks [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
In a couple weeks the colors will change.
We’ll be surrounded by more green than brown.
We’ll enjoy a stroll in the evening pink.
We’ll marvel at the bits of lavender and yellow that pop up from the ground.
In a couple of weeks our experience will change..…
New Snow Day Expectations [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
With the big snow storm last week, we had a surprise week-long vacation at my house.  Snow Days!  Whoo hoo, right!?
Growing up, snow days were wonderful because I got to do whatever I wanted all day long.  So, I am conditioned to spend my snow days like this as an adult, doing whatever…
Serving in Pajamas [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
This week we are all snowed in.  Streets are white, schools are closed, and the weatherman says it’s only going to get colder as the week continues.  But, it’s February and my family made a commitment to do a service project each month.

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