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Shaped by Faith: Are You Exercising for the Right Reasons?
While I would love to say otherwise, the original reason for starting an exercise program as an adult was the very superficial worldly desire to lose weight and look like the skinny models on the magazine covers. In my young mind this seemed very reasonable especially if it kept me motivated enough …
Shaped by Faith: with Theresa Rowe [Podcast]
It's a New Year - well into it - and our friend Theresa Rowe, who is Shaped by Faith, is here with a podcast to help you get 2014 started with a brand new you.
WOMI Radio Shaped by Faith
New Year New You
Aired January 3 and 5, 2014
Theresa's guests are Chicks Like Us founder Renee Martin and Executive D…
Theresa Rowe – How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain – Podcast
WOMI Radio Shaped by Faith Host Theresa Rowe

How to avoid Holiday Weight Gain & Healthy Gift options
As heard on her show on WOMI December 6 and 8th, fitness expert Theresa Rowe speaks with Angela Mayfield and Suzanne Holt from Legends. Please listen at your leisure, then get up and do the exe…
Canteen Serves 48 States from Owensboro
Canteen has been in business in Owensboro a long time. It was founded in 1929 (not the greatest to year to go in a new business) by Nate Leverone. Now, under the leadership of Keith Sharber, it has grown to serve business in 48 states.

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