Phil Vassar ("Just Another Day in Paradise," "In a Real Love") performed Tuesday at the Ryman Auditorium. He was there for the matinee and the evening show. I had the good fortune of interviewing him just before he went on.

Now, the other interviews I'd done--with the Grascals and Mandy Barnett--took place backstage at the Ryman, the Grand Ole Opry's winter home.

But Phil's manager came and got us and we went out to the tour bus.

The very cool tour bus.

And we got to chat with Phil some before the interview.

Super nice guy.

Emily Coppess

I noticed a bobblehead Phil Vassar doll and said that we should include it in our picture. He was game for it. He and the crew call it "Lil Phil."

You see the picture.

Well, afterward as we left the bus and went back toward the Ryman backstage entrance, our good friend Emily, the Opry marketing coordinator, stopped me and said, "You still have Phil's bobblehead."

Seriously, I walked right off the bus with it. Didn't even realize.

And what's funnier is that Phil and his manager, Gordon, didn't either. If I'd been "that guy" I could've kept walking and Phil Vassar would've been short one bobblehead likeness.

Ah, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Some big guy from Kentucky waltzes onto your tour bus and waltzes off with a bobblehead doll crafted in your likeness.

It could happen to anyone.