Before they came to Owensboro, I had never heard of Cheddar's, Raising Cane's, or 2nd and Charles.

I'm fascinated by how relatively new companies find Owensboro attractive and decide to locate here.

And now there will soon be another one.

Dave Spencer

It seems like Drake's Come Play is the official name, but I imagine we'll all just start calling it Drake's.

I love the description on its website.

It says that Drake's is "family friendly by day, happening at happy hour, and all out party after hours, where the vibe is both pub and club."

It's the kind of place owner Bruce Drake likes to hang out in so that's what he made it.

He must also have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to food, based on the menu.

In addition to what you'd expect like appetizers and salads, there are what's called "smashed burgers," plus sushi, regular sandwiches, chili, cocktails, and a menu of Drake's "favorites."

Drake's will begin its life as a new Owensboro hang-out in October on Highland Pointe Drive across from Academy Sports.

Dave Spencer