Counterfeit bills are turning up here in the tri-state, and Evansville Police are asking retailers and the general public to keep a watchful eye out for funny money.

According to reports, there has been a significant increase in reports of counterfeit money in Evansville, and unfortunately, officials say that until an arrest is made, the potential for that phony cash to spread like wildfire throughout the city is substantial.

"We've had retail stores that have been the victims, we've also had at least one individual that was asked to make change for a hundred dollar bill at a local gas station,” says Officer Jason Cullum with the EPD. “They did that thinking they were doing somebody a favor and when they tried to use that one hundred dollar bill at a retailer later in the day, they found out it was counterfeit.”

Authorities say that they can close in on the culprits faster if businesses start being more diligent in checking their currency with a counterfeit detector pen.

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