After saying goodbye to 'The Daily Show' veteran correspondent and 'Community' star, John Oliver will break out on his own this coming April for his weekly HBO news series, 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.' The first teaser for the April 27 premiere proved more than a little confusing, so check out two new promo spots parodying recent events for a taste of 'Last Week Tonight'!

Although the title of the series itself apparently doesn't merit mention during the newest 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' spots, two new promo videos take aim at recent GOP ads embarrassingly targeted to hipster types, women and minorities. The new spots see 'Last Week' web producer Josh Gondelman starring in the gas station ads mocking the original actor's stilted performance and broad range of pandering topics.

Premiering on Sunday, April 27 at 11:00 p.m., ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ will satirically recount the previous week’s news, as the former ‘Daily Show’ star attempted to explain in HBO’s first trailer. Few details were available on the series at the time of its November announcement, though HBO described ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ to present “a satirical look at news, politics and current events.”

It'll be interesting to see how well 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' performs in such an unwieldy timeslot, but in the meantime, check out both new promos, and tell us what you think of John Oliver's new gig!

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