In nature, it is wise to never mess with a wild animal in heat. Incidentally, the same philosophy applies to humans doing the nasty in public – serious injury may occur.

Just ask the 20-year-old Indiana woman who was run over by an SUV and hospitalized earlier this week, after she called the police on two people having sex in a motel parking lot.

According to reports, the unnamed woman spotted a couple bumping uglies in the parking lot of a Super 8 Motel in Indianapolis. Yet, rather than leave the fornicating couple to their business, the woman decided to take the law in to her own hands and attempt to put an end to parking lot porn show.

However, when the woman informed the couple that she had just called 911, they attempted to make a mad dash from the scene. Intent on getting these love birds locked up, the woman then stood in front of their GMC SUV in hopes of preventing them from driving off.

That’s when the driver of the SUV became agitated and feverishly goosed the accelerator, knocking the woman to the ground before speeding off into the night.

When police finally arrived, there was no copulating couple to be found, only an extremely shaken woman with injuries to her right arm and foot.

The two dashing diddlers are still at large.

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