A new turn lane on the Lloyd Expressway will be opening up soon, however it's unlike any turn lane we have seen in the Tri-State before.

If you have driven along the Lloyd Expressway over the past few months, you have most certainly noticed all of the construction. These projects are all a part of TheLloyd4U initiative. This includes more than a dozen improvement projects along the Lloyd Expressway, including intersection improvements, bridge replacements, pavement replacements, and more.

The changes aim to help traffic flow better along the Lloyd Expressway. However, some of the changes might be a little confusing to folks. That is especially true when it comes to the new intersection at Epworth Road that will be opening in mid-August.

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What is a Displaced Left Turn?

A displaced left turn intersection is being installed at State Road 66 and Epworth Road. There will also be displaced left turns at the Burkhardt, Cross Pointe, Stockwell, and Red Bank intersections along the Lloyd. The combination of continuous (displaced) left turns as well as Median U-Turns, otherwise known as a "Michigan Left Turn,"  involves going past the intersection and doing U-turns in order to achieve a left.

Now, this might be a little confusing to many Tri-Staters, myself included. So, INDOT recently posted a video that highlights how these new intersections on the Lloyd will work.

Personally, I see these intersections resulting in a few accidents, especially when they first open up. Hopefully, it will be an easier thing for folks to grasp than I anticipate. That's why it's nice that INDOT released a video like this ahead of the first intersection opening so that we have a pretty good idea of how to navigate these intersections. Now, we want to get your opinion on these proposed ideas. Do you think these intersections are a good idea? What would you do differently? You can take a look at the Lloyd4U project in the map below:


New Lloyd Expressway Improvements Beginning In 2024

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