Whether you have an active pet that enjoys time in the great outdoors, or you have an indoor-only pet, accidents can happen. Make sure you are prepared with these eleven items in your pet first aid kit.

First Things First: Call Your Veterinarian

Of course, in an emergency, your first action should always be to call your veterinarian. However, having a basic first aid kit for your pet can come in really handy.

Use Caution When Handling an Injured Pet

When administering first aid to an animal in need, you should always keep in mind that feelings of pain and stress can bring out negative reactions in our pets. Be sure you are using caution to mitigate the chance of being bitten or scratched.

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One Evansville-area veterinary clinic reminds us to always use caution when caring for an injured pet.

As responsible pet parents, it’s important to be prepared with basic first aid supplies in the event of an emergency. As with any severe injury or illness, contact your veterinarian immediately for instructions and always use caution when providing first aid to an injured pet as some may react negatively due to pain and stress.
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Pets Are Like Family


Every pet owner I know will tell you that their beloved pets are like family. So make sure you have everything you need in your first aid kit to provide for every member of your family - even the four-legged ones.

There are a number of items that should be in every pet first aid kit, and we have put together a guide to those necessities below.

Important Pet First Aid Tips to Be Prepared

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility and a lifelong commitment. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and you need to be able to properly care for your pet in an emergency. Keep reading to learn some ways you can be prepared. Of course, don't forget to contact your veterinarian too.

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