It's "old school" fun, but fun is fun, right? That's the main headline when it comes to an attraction that's been entertaining guests for more than 50 years. And until 2023, it was known as the Kentucky Action Park.

Last year, former Tennessee Titans linebacker Robert Reynolds purchased the downtrodden property for the same reasons I would have had I had the kind of money he has. He has fond memories of visiting Kentucky Action Park as a kid, just like me. And he didn't want to see it go under.

The park was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and when I spoke to Ricky Carey-- son of the former proprietor--in 2020, he told me that it was unlikely the sky lift--now known as the Jesse James Sky Lift--and the alpine slide would reopen. He just couldn't get anyone to come back to work. Three years later, Reynolds stepped in, and now we have Mammoth Valley Park. Extra kudos, for pulling Mammoth Cave into the park's new name.

I love Cave City's attractions. The whole area is a playground from another time, and the price of admission at Mammoth Valley Park is much lower than at theme parks. Plus, like I said, fun is fun. And so is that alpine slide.

The park also features go-carts, a rock wall, a gift shop, and the longest twin zip line in Kentucky. Mammoth Valley Park is conveniently located in south central Kentucky; it's a comfortable drive from Owensboro, Bowling Green, Louisville, and Elizabethtown.

It's also a perfect way to spend a summer day.

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