The announcements of fireworks celebrations in Kentucky and Indiana kind of remind me of seasonal displays at grocery or big box stores. They hit about a month or two out and EVERYONE has them about the same time.

With less than a month until the Fourth of July, communities and counties around the Commonwealth are preparing for "explosive" celebrations to commemorate the nation's 248th birthday.

This year, the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission has announced a change in location for its annual fireworks celebration. On July 4th, folks from all over will gather at Muhlenberg County Park to enjoy an eye-popping extravaganza.

Google Maps
Google Maps

First of all, I've never seen an image of Muhlenberg County Park from the air. I had no idea it was shaped like a star. But how appropriate is THAT for a Fourth of July celebration? Located at 200 County Park Drive in Greenville, Muhlenberg County Park was chosen as the new location because it offers new, safe, and fun viewing location options, according to Muhlenberg Tourism.

Attendees are invited to park and view the fireworks from either the Ray Jones Athletic Complex or Muhlenberg County High School parking lots. And while the fireworks won't begin until 9 PM, the festivities will get underway at 7 PM with concessions at both locations until the show starts. However, if you do plan to go, get there early so you can enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos and more during the show.

Guests are also advised to bring lawn chairs, blankets, and, above all else, INSECT REPELLANT. Happy Fourth from the Muhlenberg County Tourism Commission.

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