As a foodie, I'm always excited when we get new restaurant news. So when Olea Fusion Bistro from Henderson announced on their social media that they would be relocating, I did a little happy dance.

Olea Fusion Bistro Announces Move to Owensboro

On Facebook, they shared, "Olea Fusion Bistro has found a new home in Owensboro and will be relocating soon. In its current location, a Bar & Grill concept will reopen on June 6 with an updated menu, cocktails, and drinks, as well as extended hours of operation. We will use this time to make some changes and take a well-deserved break. We look forward to seeing you soon!"


What is Olea Fusion Bistro Like?

With Fusion in the name, you know you'll enjoy creative food combinations inspired by a variety of international ingredients. Partnering with local farmers, super fresh vegetables, fruits, meats are the building blocks for their Italian, Latin, and Greek recipes. Not only are the dishes delicious, they are works of art on the plate. The presentation is top notch.

I know fans of the fusion restaurant in Henderson are pretty bummed, but it's great news that Olea's team is opening a Bar & Grill concept in that same location on Second Street. That should be up and running June 6th. And Owensboro isn't too far away to come visit! As far as the Olea Fusion Owensboro location, they are still keeping the address and opening date under wraps, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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Here is their website so you can look at their mouth-watering menu!

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