While denizens of Panama City Beach are dealing with bull shark issues, residents and tourists in Nashville are having an easier time with their shark experiences.

It's no secret that Music City has all but cornered the market on unique bar-hopping experiences; you can't throw a dart on Lower Broadway, for example, without hitting one. Whether it's owned by a country music superstar--there are TONS of 'em--or it has an unusual theme, Nashville will satisfy this specific need.

And sometimes you have to venture into some swank hotels to FIND such experiences. In the extraordinary Dream Nashville by Hyatt you will discover the Shark Bait Bar, and they have pulled out all the stops in terms of themed drinks and menu items. Take a look at this place:

Circling back to those themed drinks and menu items, it made my day to learn of the existence of "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Bucket." That's the item in the lower right corner. Ingenious.

Of course, that's a play on the iconic line of dialogue from Steven Spielberg's Jaws:

You have a ton of choices when you hit downtown Nashville for a night on the town, but with drinks like Chomp Chomp and Da Dum Da Dum (the legendary Jaws theme), Shark Bait has to be one or your choices, right? What a blast.

@yourfuzzyscarf If you ever wished you lived inside the movie JAWS. Look no further This is the Shark Bait Bar in Nashville. I’m still thinking about that grenadine shark drink #uniquerestaurants #fypシ #bars #cocktailbars #nashville #jaws #jawsmovie #nashvillebars #blowthisupforme #jawstheme #funcocktails #cocktails #vlog ♬ Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass

Bon voyage.

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