Residents on Evansville's Northside are calling the new restaurant 'A dream come true'!

PHOTO: Eduardo Ruiz & Studio 78 Nellies North
PHOTO: Eduardo Ruiz & Studio 78 Nellies North

If you have ever dined at Nellie's Restaurant in Newburgh, Indiana, you know how delicious the entire menu is. This family-owned restaurant made plans to open a second location in Evansville. We've been watching the updates on social media, and the day has finally arrived - Nellie's North is open!

This Dream Began in December

It was a bittersweet day when we learned that Wolf's Bar-B-Q would be closing because the owners retired. Once we learned who the new owners were, and what they had planned, Northsiders got very excited!

We have an exciting announcement!! The rumors are true we have just closed on our new property for our second Nellie’s location. We purchased Wolf’s BBQ, located on the North side of Evansville. We would first like to say that we are extremely aware of how sentimental this building is to all of Wolf’s customers. We hope we can establish the same relationship and build memories with all of you. We are so excited to be coming to the North side. We have some very exciting changes to our menu I think all of you will love. I will have my own kitchen to do all of my baking which I’m extremely happy about. Also, we are not leaving Newburgh. We are so grateful that our location in Newburgh gave us this opportunity because of the love and support from our customers. We just want to thank all of you. A lot of you have become family and we are forever grateful.

Nellie's North - 6600 N First Ave 

Monday - Thursday 6 am. - 8 pm.
Friday - Saturday 6 am. - 9 pm.
Sunday - 6 am. - 3 pm.

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PHOTO: Eduardo Ruiz & Studio 78 FC Tucker Nellies North
PHOTO: Eduardo Ruiz & Studio 78 FC Tucker Nellies North

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