I'm a little green with envy. When I decided to request some field trips folks in Owensboro took when they were kids, I had no idea there were going to be so many I NEVER TOOK.

I do remember six, but some of the responses I got indicated to me that I fell really short when I was in school. Either they weren't offered or I just couldn't go on all of them.

Either way, it's great that so many fun and educational trips HAVE been offered over the years. And I'm sure there are many more that didn't make this list.

Dairy farms, fire departments, theme parks? We've got 'em and THEN SOME.

Let's take a little VIRTUAL field trip of our own:

Owensboroans Share School Field Trip Memories

I could only come up with six field trips from when I was in school. At first, I could only think of four. But when I asked other Owensboroans where THEY went for field trips, I got a little jealous. Apparently, field trips became much more frequent after I got out of school.

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