I have studied this disturbing video, absolutely wracking my brain trying to determine if this is fake. Because it HAS to be, right?

Thing is, it certainly doesn't look it.

It looks like a raw chicken breast crawled off a table and fell onto the floor.

See, isn't that what it looked like to you?

A story about it on Yahoo! suggests that it was so fresh (and I guess it was a "cook at your table" restaurant) that the nerve endings weren't dead.

I can buy that.

My dad absolutely HATED frog legs because of a childhood trauma.

My grandmother was frying them in a skillet one time, when my dad was a boy, and the legs were flopping around in the pan because the muscles still were reactive.

Freaked him out.

It would me, too.

You know, like the girl screaming in the video over seeing a raw piece of meat get up and leave the table on its own steam.

So, now I'm not hungry anymore.

Clearly, the most BIZARRE of appetite suppressants.


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