Big snooze -- err, news -- in the alarm clock world.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Ruggie, an alarm clock that is a rug and only stops going off when the person gets out of bed and stands on it. And don't just think you can swing your legs on it briefly and then go back to bed. That's because you need to put all of your body weight on it for at least three seconds, meaning you have to get out of bed. And that means you are not as likely to get back under the covers.

According to CNET:

The Ruggie is a memory-foam mat you place on the floor next to your bed. It has a built-in LED display that shows the time, and it plays a selection of standard alarm tones or soothing nature sounds to help wake you up. To turn the alarm off, you'll need to place both feet on the mat for at least three seconds, which means you'll either need to be sitting or standing up to disable the alarm.

The Ruggie, which also plays inspirational quotes to fire you up for the upcoming day, is on Kickstarter and is expected to cost between $90 and $100 once it hits the market.

And, hey, it's a lot more tranquil than this contraption, right?

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