When you have to go, you have to go. That has never been truer than a moment just captured by a security cam in a Walmart somewhere in Illinois. A man can be seen leaving...a present on the floor. Yeah, that's what I mean to say. Actually, it's poop.

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I saw this special moment that was just shared on Vimeo with the title "Smile, You’re On Camera! Illinois Man Poops In The Middle Of Walmart". I've watched it several times (because why not) and it certainly looks like this man dropped a load in the aisle at Walmart.

Smile, You're On Camera! Illinois Man Poops In The Middle Of Walmart from emily sotakoun on Vimeo.

This inspired me to Google "Is it legal to poop in public in Illinois". I don't recommend you do it as you likely won't enjoy the results. Good news though. I've done it for you and Code Library says this man actually broke the law in Illinois. Here's the statutes they shared that might apply:

No person who owns, possesses, or controls a dog, cat, or other animal shall permit such dog, cat, or other animal to defecate in any public place or on private property other than the property of the owner. No person shall allow dog or cat feces to accumulate in any yard, pen, or premises in or upon which a dog, cat, or other animal shall be confined or kept so that such premises becomes offensive to residents in the vicinity or a health hazard.

No person shall leave or deposit fecal matter, whether or not it is in an enclosed container, in any sewer or drain.

To me, this is a gray area (or would that be brown?) since this man isn't a pet and he's not "depositing" anything in a sewer or drain. Nope. He dropped it down his pants leg to the floor.

As it stands (or sits), it's just another unique Illinois moment in Walmart.

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