As if we don't have enough going on in the Tri-State with the coronavirus threat, Mother Nature decided to throw another wrinkle into life with a line of storms Saturday night that is believed to have generated a tornado that caused extensive damage to the south and eastern edge of Newburgh. After the sun came up on Sunday, residents in those areas were able to get a better grasp on the extent of the damage, and based on the photos below, some were more fortunate than others.

The photos below were sent to us courtesy of Ashley Nanninga, Corey King, and Melissa Mosbey. We appreciate them allowing us to use the photos, and are glad to hear they and their families are safe.

If you have any photos you'd like us to include, e-mail them to me, or submit them through the Submit Media feature on the WKDQ app.

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Newburgh Storm Damage

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