Last Christmas, I posted about a local dog that needed a Christmas miracle in a big way. Meet Miss Puddin'. When she was brought to PC Pound Puppies she was incredibly thin, had masses on her body, and someone had maliciously deformed her ears. She was also heart worm positive in Stage 3. Puddin' has been in the care of PC Pound Puppies and on her way to a wonderful life, thanks to good people of PC Pound Puppies and people of the tristate who funded her care.



One of PC Pound Puppies early Facebook posts read:

Puddin’ is one of the saddest cases we’ve had come through in quite some time. Whenever you meet her, the first thing about her that grabs your attention, aside from that heart-melting face, is her poor, poor broken body. Sadly, we see a lot of dogs come in thin and un-kept, but not like this...her body tells the tale of years and years of repeated breeding and neglect. She was surrendered by her “owner” this week and left to rot in the shelter, assumingly because she's no longer serving her purpose, churning out puppies. She's criminally underweight and has wide-spread growths all over her body, some the size of baseballs. She has discharge seeping from her eyes and nose and black sludge caked in her ears, as well as pressure calluses all over her body. She is also heartworm positive. The physical discomfort she must be experiencing is unimaginable, but the minute you look at that sweet baby, her tail starts wagging and you see her hope building a little...

We have good news. Puddin' is ready for her forever home! She's at a healthy weight, mass free and her last heart worm treatment is behind her! She's healthy!!

Today, they posted:

Puddin’ received her last heartworm injection last week and it’s time to start looking for her forever home. Some things that should be understood about our Puddin’ prior to applying for her adoption---

Puddin’ is a mastiff. This means that when she drinks, you can count on at least ⅓ of the water that makes contact with her mouth filtering through her jowls like a waterfall onto the floor. Food is the same story...slobbery pieces of kibble fall out of her jowls and all over the floor when she eats. When she rests her head on the couch, drool. When she puts her head on your lap, drool. You should pretty much just expect moisture on any surface her face comes in contact with. If you're a clean freak, she is not the gal for you.

You should also know that her tail is like a little club. She's a very happy girl and that tail wags a lot. It can clear a coffee table, and it will hit your kids.

Puddin’ came to us as a survivor of years of neglect. She has little lumps, bumps and calluses that will always be on her body. We’ve had several of these formations removed and biopsied and they have all returned benign. Her vet will be happy to provide all proof of her good health to her potential adopter. She does have a predisposition to UTI’s, so she will need to remain on a supportive food to help keep her healthy.

Now that we have all the housekeeping out of the way, let us tell you about this amazing girl! You will not find a dog with a sweeter soul or disposition than Puddin’. She is a friend to every animal and person she meets, has never met a stranger. She loves to play with her foster siblings and car rides are her favorite. She is housetrained and is non-destructive. She's great on leash and loves to snuggle. We’d like to see her in a home with other dogs because she loves the company of other dogs and we believe she’d be lonely without friends.

*Giant breed experience is preferred and a homevisit, reference and veterinary check will be conducted upon application approval. If you think you might have the perfect home for Puddin’, you may submit an application at

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