As you all may or may not already know, I document the crazy and sometimes awful kid disasters that happen in my home with my five and two-year-old sons. I do this mainly for the mothers out there that struggle with the same issues that I do as a parent, but the comedic value of some of these horrible, awkward, and downright wild antics cannot be ignored. In simple terms, parenting is hard but sometimes gives us funny stories to look back on later down the line. This week's not-so-funny-at-the-time-but-funny-now disasters have to do with clothing hangers and lip balm. Let me explain.

Early in the week, I was finishing up my make-up and the last thing I always do is my lip balm or lipstick. I grab my lip balm and open it to find two tiny bites taken out of it. Yes, bites. My toddler evidently ate my lip balm. So, that was a nice little surprise for me. Little did I know that the shenanigans would get much, much worse.

Yesterday morning I had some work to do before getting everyone ready for the day, so I was a little more distracted at home than usual. As I was working, I realized that it was quiet in the house. It was way too quiet. Anyone with little kids knows that where there is quiet, there is trouble. What kind of trouble or how much, I did not know, until I walked into their bedroom and found this:

Yes, those are hangers hung all over a ceiling fan. No, I'm not precisely sure how my 5-year-old managed to decorate a ceiling fan as though it was a Christmas tree. The kids do have bunk beds, but we use the top bunk for storage as the boys insist on sharing the bottom full-size bunk. The best part of this story is that I entered right at the time my child had just turned the fan on to watch his 'creation' in action. The hangers banged wildly against the glass light as I frantically flipped the switch off while I then attempted to manually stop the fan with both kids laughing hysterically behind me.

These are the "What the heck" moments of mom life. They happen. Sometimes they're frustrating and downright psychosis-inducing, but most of the time they're great memories in the making of our parenthood journey that we'll cherish forever.

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