What To Do & Not To Do When Someone Is Choking
Angel here. This past Sunday, my son Tucker got choked on a piece of candy from his Sunday school class. The incident sparked a lot of questions I think parents and others would want to be answered. What to do and not to do when someone is choking? Do you know?
CPR – Know What to Do
They say if you know the 2 simple steps of CPR then you are ready to save a life.  In recognition of National CPR Awareness Week that starts on June 3rd the American Heart Association is continuing the national awareness campaign and ongoing mobile tour teaching Americans how to perform Hands-O…
American Red Cross CPR: It Works
Way back in 1980 I was the Chairman of the Big Rivers Chapter of the American Red Cross. Much was different then, AIDS was just beginning to be discussed, The Red Cross Organization was doing great work and ANNIE was the CPR training dummie, weighing in at around 30+ pounds.