hot weather

It’s Hot and Getting Hotter Don and Everyone Else
With Temps in the mid 90's today and over the century mark the next several days it's wise to think heat safety. Unless you have access to a pool, staying indoors in airconditioning sounds great. You might want to check on any elderly or disabled family or friends to insure they are comfortable dealing with the heat wave...
What a Difference 6 – 8 Months Can Make.
I know, you are upset because the electric bill is going to be outrageous. The heat and humidity of the last few weeks has killed your lawn, made the pool water too hot to enjoy and caused you to sweat in public. Getting in a scorching hot car before 9am is crazy.  At home, the air conditioner can barely keep up and the humidity frizzes your hair. You don't want to sit in the sun even to watch you