Car Seat Trade-In at Target Beginning April 22nd
Did you know most car seats are not not eligible for most curbside recycling programs? And used seats shouldn't be given away or sold since standards change about every six months. If a car seat has been in an accident, it needs to be replaced immediately.
Left or Right … Stew’s Views
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Feb. 15, 2011
Why should I have to pay for fire insurance on my home, and also pay the share of my city taxes that go to run the fire deparment? I've never had a fire in my home, or called the fire department, not even for a treed cat, or …
Big Changes In Indiana And Kentucky In 2011
With a new year comes new changes for our lives. Some us have New Year's resolutions in that we try to change something in our lives. Whether it finances, health, spending more time with the family or any other type of change that we plan to implement. Well, for Kentucky and Indiana a few chang…