Aretha Franklin has been the topic of many, many conversations the last couple of days after the music and entertainment icon passed away yesterday morning at the age of 76.

When someone like that leaves us, I always find the comments of other entertainers very interesting.

I decided to deliberately look up her contemporaries like Diana Ross and Tina Turner to see if they had shared commentary.

And then I remembered the time Tina Turner was on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson way back in the late 70s or maybe it was the very early 80s.

It was that period of time between her split with Ike Turner and her huge comeback in 1984 when she was taking any and all jobs to make ends meet.

It's really hard to believe she ever had a difficult time like that, but she did.

I guess that's why the Executive Inn Rivermont downtown was lucky enough to book her during that 7-year stretch.

That's right. Tina Turner was in Owensboro a very long time ago.

Ahead of that concert, she'd made an appearance on The Tonight Show and, as was and is typical of talk show hosts, Johnny mentioned a few upcoming live appearances...INCLUDING the one in Owensboro.

Now, to be perfectly fair, I do not remember if the show went on or not. I was a kid. But if it did, and you have pictures, I'd love to see them. It was a long time ago, though.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not the "show went on," she was booked there and Johnny brought it up and even said, "The folks in Owensboro, Kentucky are in for a real treat."

I flipped out. Johnny Carson had just said OWENSBORO! My dad played it off and acted all cool, but I know he had to have been jazzed about it, too.

He used to let me stay up late to watch Carson.

Anyway, I thought I'd share that memory.

It's not often Owensboro comes up in conversation between a national TV audience and one of the most iconic talk show personalities in history.


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