The far east end of 4th Street used to be U.S. 60 because 4th and 2nd Streets WERE U.S. 60. But when the bypass extension was built, it became Highway 144...confusing ANYONE who hadn't been here in 10 years.

And before that restructuring happened, we all had to deal with one of the funkiest intersections in Kentucky.

You remember it, right? Right there in front of the OMU Elmer Smith Station?

It's a straighter, less bizarre stretch to navigate these days, but we STILL need a light where old U.S. 60--now KY 2830--meets 144.

And we're getting one!

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, installation of the new signal will begin this week and will take about 60 to 90 days until completion, weather permitting.

The Cabinet urges caution when approaching this intersection--which sees about 8,000 vehicles on a daily basis--as road personnel and bucket trucks will be everywhere.

KYTC says timely notification will be provided when the time comes to activate the signal.

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