I got a phone call earlier today from my mother and she informed me that a lady who was very important to me in my young life had passed away.

I did not remember Charlotte Oberst at all, but seeing as how she was my physical therapist from the time I was 2 years old until I was 4, that's no surprise.

But Mom told me about how she worked with me when I was that age and confined to leg braces.

When I was born, one of my legs was shorter than the other and I wore braces until I was 4.

Ms. Oberst worked with me extensively while one leg was "catching up" with the other and was responsible for helping me get to the point where I could get those braces off and walk without them.

I would post a picture of me in them, and will, if one ever turns up.

But no one in my family has any recollection of a picture of me wearing those braces, which is odd.

Regardless, I'm very pleased to know this now about Ms. Oberst and all she did to help me when I was a child. So I thought I'd pay tribute to her here.

I notice she had a long and successful career as a physical therapist so there are many more folks out there who also are thankful for her involvement in their lives.