It's about time! The Treasury Department announced Wednesday abolitionist Harriet Tubman, who helped free slaves on the Underground Railroad, will be featured on the new $20 bill, replacing President Andrew Jackson.

It will be the first time in 100 years a woman will be featured on U.S. paper currency. The online group Women On 20s have been campaigning since last year to get a woman on the $20 bill. The removal of President Jackson is believed to be, in part, due to his role in the forced migration of Native Americans. The change may not sit well in Tennessee, Jackson represented the state in Congress before he was elected President.

As for the $10 bill, the popular musical 'Hamilton' and a visit to the Treasury by creator and now Pulitzer-Prize winning author Lin-Manuel Miranda has saved the first Secretary of the Treasury's legacy. The Treasury's original plan was to put a woman on the $10 bill.

New designs for the $10 and $20 will be ready by 2020. Should more women be represented on U.S. currency?