10 Different Food Disasters That Wreck Your Soul Every Time
We all have experienced food disasters. There's always some little mini-disaster that occurs that totally ruins a meal at one time or another in our lives. Today, I'm going to list these little mini-disasters so that you may relive them and cringe at the thought of them happening to you.…
Moon Pie Has the Best Twitter Account
Let's be honest, Moon Pies are some of the most decadent snack cakes ever created. They celebrated their 100th birthday last year and whomever is in charge of their Twitter account deserves an award, it's hilarious and, at times it's a little tongue in cheek.
6 Reasons To Hate Snow As An Adult
We all like the idea of snow, but not the actual snow itself. It's pretty to look at and can also give one a sense of calm. However, there are plenty of reasons to hate snow as an adult too.

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