Everyone seemed to enjoy the Open House last Saturday at the Owensboro Police Department. The day was filled with robots, K-9's, guns, fast cars, a bike rodeo, free food, music, face painting, and enough fire power to keep you safe in a Bruce Willis movie.

The day was beautiful as hundreds of citizens you and old came out just to see what was going on. "It's nice to see folks smiling and having a good time at the police department", said one officer. "We don't see that too often".

For my money the tour of headquarters was the highlight of the day. The 911 dispatch department is impressive. Grandaughter Chloe liked the bike rodeo and Granddaughter Lexie loved the bouncy slide and face painting.

My wife Kathy and daughter Sandy were impressed with the K-9 unit. Oldest Granddaughter Brittani liked it when office Loren Frazier talked about the lie-detector. "I wish I could give that test to every boy I know", she commented. (She is 17 and drama with or without a lie detector is an everyday thing at that age).

I took a few pictures for those who didn't get to make the event. After checking out all the neat stuff you might want to make plans to attend next years open house.