Keeping up with slang terminology used to take some doin'. But now that you pop anything into the online Urban Dictionary, you're good to go.

But the Urban Dictionary has definitions for words that are not slang.

For example, the names of towns and states have definitions submitted to the Urban Dictionary.

Yes, that's right. The Urban Dictionary's definitions are provided by random contributors.

So I thought I'd look up Owensboro and Kentucky.

First, Owensboro:

The "top definition" comes from $lim $hady in 2008:

A very nice place to live. The third largest city in Kentucky. Has a population of about 60,000 people. Is Kentucky's No. 1 sports town and is known as the BBQ Capitol of the World, because of Moonlite Barbecue. Has many restaurants and churches. Also, my town.

Owensboro is a really nice place to live.

That's very nice. Now, since this definition was submitted, Owensboro has slipped to fourth largest city in Kentucky, while still growing. It's just that Bowling Green has grown quicker.

Honestly, not every definition of anything in the Urban Dictionary is always nice. And some I'm not repeating here.

Now, let's do Kentucky.

Again, I'm selecting the "top definition" which comes from Attera in 2004:

A place where the word holler rightfully exists; a place of wonder; a place where children can dig their fingers in the dirt, use their imagination, and dream; a place where parents want more for their children and do everything possible for their wishes to come true; a place where most people in the United States like to underestimate and pretend that the only thing that exists there is 'inbreds'; a place that a teenage girl tries her whole life to leave and when she settles elsewhere, she can't wait to see the mountains again; a place that also uses the word hick, but in a slightly different way everyone else does; a slightly poor place; a place where, yes, horse racing exists and people are actually in touch with nature; home cooked meals are to die for! A great place to think or write a book; AND it's fun to use words without a 'g' in the end!

Think of a word and try it. See what you come up with.