Election season is full steam ahead. The Presidential race alone is one of the most fascinating and polarizing in recent history. For the first time, Kentucky will hold a Republican Presidential caucus as opposed to a regular primary election. So, what is a caucus and how does it work?

A caucus is when members of a political party, either Democrat or Republican, meet to choose a candidate. In rare cases, if a third party is in the mix, they can also caucus. Instead of voting in a booth, voters meet and choose via paper ballot. Here is a video from the Kentucky GOP breaking it all down.

Now one way Kentucky's will differ from Iowa's, ballots will be cast at one location; more populated counties will have more locations, rather than separate precincts. Despite several candidates withdrawing, all twelve will appear on the ballot on March 5th, including Senator Rand Paul. The Democratic candidate will be chosen during the regular May primary elections.

To participate in the caucus, a voter must be a registered Republican. Now, where do you go? In Daviess County, the caucus will be held at Daviess Co. High School. Hours will be 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. To find your location, go HERE, and you can search by either your address or by county.