The Kentucky State Police know how excited all of our kiddos are to trick or treat on Halloween, but want to make sure our little ghosts and goblins are safe. Here are some Halloween safety tips from the KSP to ensure your family has a great night out:

-Be sure your child's costume does not obstruct their vision and is not so cumbersome where they can trip over it.
-Make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible.
-Younger children should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling.
- Before departure, monitor the weather conditions. Even a light mist of rain can distort vision for motorists and trick or treaters alike.
-Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they have been checked by an adult.
-Make sure your child is able to see out of their mask properly and can walk in their costume without tripping.
-Remind kids not to enter a strange house or car.
-Inspect your child's candy before they eat it. Discard any unwrapped or suspicious looking goodies. If your child does get sick, call your doctor or the hospital emergency room immediately and save all wrappers. It is also helpful to determine what he or she ate and where it came from.
-Talk to your children about 'stranger-danger' and the safety precautions when around someone they do not know.

The Kentucky State Police also wants to remind those driving on Halloween to be extra cautious of our small pedestrians.
Furthermore; the Kentucky State Police Post 16-Henderson will be in full force to ensure the safety of pedestrians and the motoring public. Post 16 Troopers and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers will be patrolling all roads and saturating known problematic areas in each of the six counties.

The motoring public should expect to see more troopers and officers on the roads as well as encountering various roadway safety checkpoints. An enhanced amount of road checks will be conducted through the Holiday Season.

How bout a big Thank You to the KSP for these great reminders for a great and safe Halloween!