As you know, Chad and I are making a heckuva bike trip next week! We are riding from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis back to Owensboro in 4 days. That's 300 miles total, 75 miles a day. Well, neither of us are actual bikers and had no clue where to start on this journey. But, our friends at Legends are bike experts and are getting us all prepared!

Not gonna lie, I thought we were going to walk into Legends and each pick out our color preference and call it a day. No, not at all, ha! Our friend Ryan had to extensively measure each of us for our own personalized bike! Really, take a look at this...

So, after Ryan got my measurements, he entered them into his computer and this happened! What?!? How cool is that?!?

We also found out that Chad and I have the exact same length of legs. Is that weird to anyone else, haha!


Now, I am ready for my ride! Well, at least I have the equipment that I need, ha!