Families who have spent time in Owensboro Health Regional Hospital's NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) and health care workers from the unit are invited to a reunion on September 25th at the hospital.

Owensboro Health's NICU keeps babies born from 27-plus weeks and not requiring surgical services.

The stays in NICU are often pretty lengthy, so the families really have time to bond with the nursing staff.

Many baby "firsts" happen during stays in the NICU and those experiences are shared among family and staff.

So the NICU reunion kind of gives these families the chance to show the progress the babies are making.

On a personal and related note, my mother was born at 6 months and, in 1933, was given no shot for survival. Fortunately a young nurse on hand at the time grabbed Mom out of a container they used back then for premature babies and declared that "This child was going to survive." That nurse--Allina Alexander--passed away not too long ago. She was in her late 90s. We're all pretty thankful for her and others like her.

Anyway, the NICU reunion coming up on 9/25 is the third such reunion.

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