While University of Kentucky fans anxiously await any news about the health and eventual return to the court of sophomore point guard Tyler Ulis, they can feast their eyes on the work of someone ELSE who is extraordinary at what he does.

Again, if you ever get the opportunity of see Aaron Kizer work (and he makes it look so effortless it does NOT look like work), seize it.

I watched him do a portrait of Johnny Cash at one of our Christmas parties one time.

Slack-jawed. That was me.

Aaron is also a HUGE Kentucky Wildcat fan. Earlier this year he created "Roar for 22," a portrait of senior forward Alex Poythress.

Last week, he created this:


At first I thought he'd done it on the fly after Tyler Ulis' injury during the South Florida game Friday afternoon (I mean, he's that quick), but no. And surely Ulis has seen this by now.

Pure genius.