I honestly tried to play Pokemon GO. I really did. It was a disaster, if such things can be called disasters. But I am learning more and more about the cultural phenomenon with each passing day.

And that's a good thing since it's grabbed the world by the throat as quickly as it has.

Why, McDonald's is already on board in a partnership.

Locally, from what I've gathered, Smothers Park is HUGE Owensboro Pokestop. (I best Pokestop pops up in the next list of new dictionary words, don't you?)

Also, from what I've gathered, me not being able to play it correctly has NOTHING to do with my age since I know of a lot of folks in my age group who are hooked on the game.

So there could really be a wide variety of folks down at Smothers Park this Saturday when Owensboro Battlegrounds hosts a big Pokemon GO event.

They even begin their announcement with "Pokemon Trainers!"

Really? There are trainers?

Anyway, Pokemon gamers, there you go. A big event at Smothers for you this Saturday.

Just do me a favor. If you spot one in the river, don't jump in after it.

(It's not really there...)