I mean, what happened to me Thursday was just plain weird. I went through the drive-thru and when I was handed my drink, the guy said, "here's your drink and your free straw". What? Did I hear that right? A "free" straw?!


One other thing that was weird was when I ordered, one person took the order, and another read it back and he said something, chuckled and his voice trailed off. Mind you this was sort of a hectic part of the day. School buses were still churning out of school and traffic was slow. The drive-thru I was at was not hectic. The "free" straw comment got me thinking, will a day come when certain fast food amenities won't be free? If they become a rarity, I'm glad I have a drawer full of straws.

At some places, they charge for dipping sauces, but ketchup, which I never get, is almost always free. Are napkins next? At least I wasn't called "sir".