We're just a little over a month away from Election Day, and if you're like me, a little fatigue has set in.

Campaign commercials for races at all levels; 24-hour news channel talking heads; social media commentary on this debate or that debate...

It can be a little wearying.

But that shouldn't cloud our decision to head to the polls, nonetheless, and voice our choice on November 8th, even if OTHER KINDS of polls have shown that the two presidential candidates in 2016 are the two least popular presidential candidates in U.S. history.

At the very least, THAT makes it interesting, even if it isn't the kind of "interesting" we'd like to see.

Wallethub.com has analyzed historical data and determined which states have had the MOST and LEAST interest in being represented by their votes over the years.

And, to say the least, Kentucky didn't fare well in the study.



Second from the bottom.


And the nationwide results are a real mixed bag. Look at Texas at a robust #40, for example.

And what is it about Virginians that makes them the most eager to go and vote?

At this writing, we're a mere 33 days away from election day...and it seems we still have a LONG way to go.