New Snow Day Expectations [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
With the big snow storm last week, we had a surprise week-long vacation at my house.  Snow Days!  Whoo hoo, right!?
Growing up, snow days were wonderful because I got to do whatever I wanted all day long.  So, I am conditioned to spend my snow days like this as an adult, doing whatever…
Serving in Pajamas [Choosing Joy by K. Albers]
This week we are all snowed in.  Streets are white, schools are closed, and the weatherman says it’s only going to get colder as the week continues.  But, it’s February and my family made a commitment to do a service project each month.
De”vote” Myself to Doing Good [SHAPED BY FAITH]
Election Day is fast approaching!  I love voting.  It makes me feel needed and connected.  However, my favorite part of Election Day is that it brings an end to the debating, arguing, and slandering that take place in the months leading up.
Words That Make Smiles [SHAPED BY FAITH]
“Good morning, Princess!"  "Welcome Prince!”  “Have a magical day!”
Just think what a pleasant world this would be if we all spoke to each other like the “Cast Members” of Disney World spea…
Pure and Undefiled Religion [SHAPED BY FAITH]
A few days ago, my dear grandmother passed on to receive her heavenly reward.  Her spirit left this world exactly how she had wanted, in her own bed, surrounded by family, and in peaceful sleep.  She will be terribly missed, but we rejoice for her.

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